Swobbee can fast-charge the use of light electric vehicles in city logistics

New logistics concepts can save cities from gridlock even as city logistics volumes are rising. For example, electric cargo bikes and other light electric vehicles handle inner city deliveries from strategically located micro-hubs, replacing diesel-powered vans. For logisticians, it means no inner city access restrictions, no search for parking spaces, and no shortage of drivers since cargo e‑bikes do not require a driving license. However, charging the light electric vehicles can be an operational show-stopper.

Swobbee is a fueling station for micromobility: a sustainable, efficient infrastructure solution for urban light mobility and a comprehensive Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) system. At the Swobbee battery replacement stations, empty vehicle batteries are exchanged for fully charged batteries of the same type in no time. The system is based on rental batteries; the users benefit from a constant availability of charged, serviced, and stored under optimal conditions batteries.

Swobbee is Europe’s first manufacturer-open replacement system for small electric vehicle batteries. Swobbee successfully introduced the standardized GreenPack battery (now used in numerous e-vehicles and applications). In addition, the service has already been extended so that batteries from other manufacturers can also be charged and replaced in the BaaS system of Swobbee.

The Swobbee Sharing Points enable a quick battery change (less than 1 minute) for small electric vehicles’ easy and economical operation without extended charging or waiting times. 

Source: Swobbee

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