UK: 15 percent of click-and-collect orders are left orphaned

UK shoppers have left £228 mln worth of uncollected products at click-and-collect sites in the last year due to long queues and understaffed collection points. Research by Barclaycard found that more than 70 percent of UK consumers shop via a click and collect system, whereby they order products online and collect them at a local branch or collection site. 

But 15 percent of shoppers are neglecting to collect their products, the report found, with a third claiming that collecting their items was a “hassle” and that they’d rather wait for a refund and reorder their items to be delivered at home. Also, 17 percent of the consumers said they struggled to find the right desk to collect their products when looking in-store. Enhancing the click-and-collect experience is a potentially lucrative way for retailers to ward off the unprecedented challenges of the high street and bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping.

Source: Barclaycard

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