Which city logistics start-ups will be supported by EIT Urban Mobility?

Out of 470 applications received, 86 promising start-ups were selected to participate in the seven Accelerators and Scale-up programs for EIT Urban Mobility, resulting in an 18% success rate for applicants. The high number of applications provides evidence of the rapid growth and immense potential of the urban mobility and transport sector.

For the 2023 cohorts, 21 European countries are represented in the start-ups selected. Among the selected ventures in the 2023 promotion, over 30% are led by female CEOs or founders, in line with EIT Urban Mobility’s dedication to narrowing the start-up gender gap and fostering an inclusive ecosystem. In 2022, the thematic accelerators and Scale-up programs supported 74 start-ups.

EIT Urban Mobility’s Accelerators and Scale-up programs will provide the selected start-ups with extensive services and support spanning over a six-month period. This support includes personalized mentoring, enabling start-ups to tap into the expertise and guidance of professionals. Additionally, living lab testing of solutions allows for real-world validation and optimization of their innovative offerings. The programs also facilitate valuable matchmaking opportunities with cities and industry partners, fostering collaborations and strategic partnerships. Furthermore, start-ups gain access to important industry events, enabling them to showcase their solutions, network with key stakeholders, and gain crucial visibility.

The Sustainable City Logistics Accelerator will support start-ups in transforming sustainable city logistics solutions from local to global. For city logistics, the selected start-ups are:

The partners of this program are UnternehmerTUM, Polihub, AZO, DTU Science Park’s Futurebox, TU Munich, and ISBAK.

Source: EIT Urban Mobility

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