Online shoppers want more and more: faster and on demand

For an increasing number of consumers, the decision to make major online purchases for the Christmas season strongly depends on the delivery options offered by web shops. Almost half of all shopping baskets never reach the check-out counter due to a lack of delivery options; 46 percent. Topping the wish list of shoppers are same-day deliveries and the possibility to select an exact delivery date. This is according to a trend analysis for 2018-2019 performed by Delivery Experience Software developer Paazl.

Fast delivery: more online orders

This study reveals that fast delivery leads to more online orders. No fewer than 77% of the consumers tend to confirm their purchase if the order can be delivered on the same day. The same applies when consumers are given the option to select a specific delivery date. 75% of all consumers then feel comfortable confirming their order. Real-time updates on the delivery of orders are an effective tool with which to gain the favor of consumers. More than eight out of ten consumers (83%) indicate that the publication of such updates can actually win them over.

Another increasingly popular option is the collection of online purchases at a pick-up point. Last year, the number of consumers collecting online orders increased by 16%, a trend that is likely to continue in 2019.

More first time right

Bernard Schreiner, CEO of Paazl, explains that these trends benefit consumers as well as logistics providers. “Last Christmas season was characterized by delays among many delivery services, seeing as they were overwhelmed by peak volumes. Enabling consumers to select specific delivery dates or giving them the option to select a convenient pick-up point, strongly reduces the number of untimely deliveries during the busiest season of the year.”

As an online platform, Paazl helps retailers to improve the entire online purchasing experience, from delivery options to the acceptance of returned products. Paazl simplifies the logistical process for retailers and gives consumers control over their purchases. Since its incorporation in 2009, this Amsterdam-based company has served hundreds of brands and retailers, including Heineken, Rituals, Scotch&Soda, SuitSupply and UnderArmour. Paazl employs a staff of 40.

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