Supporting e-mobility in city logistics: a multi-criteria analysis of policy measures in Germany


Policies in Germany to support electric vehicles mostly focus on urban road passenger transport. However, road freight vehicles are a main source of air pollutants and noise emissions in cities. Available vehicle types, tour planning and purchase decisions in urban road freight transport differ from the passenger transport segment. The political and scientific literature lacks …

An analysis of online shopping and home delivery in the UK


UK Researchers recently published an analysis of online shopping and home delivery in the UK. The comprehensie report contains a review and analysis of online retail shopping and home delivery operations in the UK. It has been carried out as part of the EPSRC-funded Freight Traffic Control (FTC) 2050 project, which is investigating the scope …

Investigating the potential for off-hour deliveries in Rome

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Italian researchers investigated the potential for off-hour deliveries (OHD) in the city of Rome (Italy). the study focused on amongst others retailers and HoReCa that play a fundamental role in the decision making process often determining delivery times. The study explored their preferences for three off-hour delivery scenario’s, namely: staffed OHDs (assisted), OHDs without staff present in …

Data on urban freight in London (UK)


University of Westminster in December 2016 published a report on road freight in London (UK): “traffic, activity and sustainability”. This report has been produced as part of a research project entitled “Freight Traffic Control 2050 (FTC2050): Transforming the energy demands of last-mile urban freight through collaborative logistics”.