Amsterdam (NL) supporting electric vehicles when moving house

The municipality of Amsterdam no longer charges for a temporary permit if movers opt for a fully electric vehicle when moving house. The municipality wants to be an emission-free city by 2025 and therefore stimulates electric transport.

There was already a free RVV exemption (E-RVV) for removals with electric transport. With the RVV permit movers may drive somewhere that normally is not allowed. For example, on the sidewalk or in an area that is closed. With a permit, movers can temporarily stop on a street. The fees for this have been abolished as of 1 January 2019 if the relocation is done with electric transport.
This saves (future) Amsterdammers in their relocation costs. In addition to these advantageous exemptions, there are also purchase subsidies for electric vehicles and electric car owners are given priority when applying for a parking permit.

Source: City of Amsterdam

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