Amsterdam smart mobility action plan

The program Smart Mobility is developed in cooperation with the region of Amsterdam (NL), Amsterdam knowledge institutions, the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam Smart City, GVB, THNK, private partners in projects en various organizational departments within the municipality. The municipality is actively looking for new collaborations with public and private partners.

The program Smart Mobility will make the accessibility of Amsterdam smarter and more future proof. It is necessary to look forward and map the possibilities.

The goals of this action program Smart Mobility contribute to the goals of the Executive agenda Mobility and Agenda Sustainability: improving the safety, accessibility, quality of life and attractiveness of Amsterdam. Goals for the action program specifically:

  1. Get insights in (technological) developments and innovations in the field of mobility and its impact on the city.
  2. Anticipate on technological innovations and use these to reach the goals.
  3. Stimulate and accelerate innovation in the city
  4. Strengthen cooperation with knowledge institutions and market parties.
  5. Become smarter als a municipality by working data driven with knowledge institutions and market parties.


The Amsterdam smart mobility action plan can be downloaded here.


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