Integrating urban freight in Brussels (B)

In 2016, the Brussels-Capital Region began the preparation of its third Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) in which freight will be a topic of special attention. Brussels aims at making the metropolitan area a model of efficient and innovative urban distribution. In applying a comprehensive planning approach, from situation assessment to measure selection and monitoring, Brussels distinguished itself at the European level as Brussels received the 5th EU Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award, on the theme of urban freight.

The overall objective of the Brussels regional authority, in terms of urban freight, is to limit the negative environmental impacts of urban freight without compromising the positive economic effects of the sector on the local economy. To achieve this, a total of 36 measures have been selected and incorporated in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning Award (SUMP) approach, some of them already implemented, the other measures being included in the Good Move plan.


Among the measures, for example, the implementation of a road-charging scheme for lorries, the support to alternative logistics schemes, like night deliveries and the use of urban consolidation centres, strong support to the use of alternative freight vehicles, the support to bike couriers and the encouragement to shift traffic towards the canal, especially for bulk and construction materials.

Source: Eltis

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