Maturity model: urban freight transport in city strategic planning

The issue of urban freight transport in city strategic planning is discussed in a new research paper by  from Wroclaw University of Economics. There are two main purposes of this paper: a theoretical one and empirical one.

The author’s concept of maturity levels of cities in planning and implementing activities in favor of urban freight transport is the theoretical objective, while the empirical objective deals with the analysis of selected European capital cities in terms of urban policy in creating long-term plans in the area of urban freight. In order to achieve these objectives the author has conducted a survey among selected European cities.

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As a result of the conducted survey, the description of the process maturity levels of studied cities with the use of a taxonomic measure in the field of planning and implementing urban freight transport actions has been proposed. The concept of process maturity of cities in the field of planning and carrying out actions in urban freight transport may be a practical tool for local authorities willing to self-improve and develop in this field.

Urban freight transport in city strategic planning. Available from:

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