New CO2-targets for LCV’s: just another excuse for not going for zero-emission?

The European Union wants to bring more climate-friendly cars on the road by 2030. New cars should produce 37,5 percent less CO2 than in 2021 (95 grams per Kilometer). For light commercial vehicles, the 2030 target is set at a CO2 reduction of 31 percent. The automotive industry criticized the new rules as excessive and unrealistic.

With these new standards, car manufacturers will not have to innovate their product range to zero emission hybrid and e-vehicles. Until 2030 normal diesel and fuel cars can be purchased. This might slow down the shift to e-mobility in city logistics.
Setting targets for zero emission in European cities will now be in the hands of national and local government stimulating or enforcing low- of zero-emission zones (before 2030).

Walther Ploos van Amstel.


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