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SEEV4-City key reports available

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The objective of the Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles (EVs) for the City (SEEV4-City) project is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable-energy sources, and encouraging take-up in cities. The SEEV4-City project key reports are available. Head to the publications page for the latest reports.

Electric light commercial vehicles: are they the sleeping giant of e-mobility?


Transport emissions need to be drastically decreased to put Europe on a path towards long-term climate neutrality. Commercial urban freight and last-mile delivery is expected to grow because of the rise of e-commerce. In this frame, electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) can be a promising low-emission solution. Literature holistically analyzing the potential of eLCVs as well as …

Arval: LCVs shift to electric powertrain

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During the last few years, the number of LCVs has increased. With this increase, the challenges for last-mile urban operations are becoming crucial for many companies. Congestion, air quality concerns, low emission zones, and cost of the last mile are perhaps some of the main issues. However, all of these challenges represent real opportunities for OEMs. Arval …

Dutch experts on charging for the logistics sector

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By 2030, in the Netherlands, all new cars must be zero-emission. The logistics sector will also switch from fossil fuels to electric power. This transition will only be possible if policies are made now and implemented to create a charging infrastructure that works well for the sector. How are the plans progressing and what are …

Research: identifying key motives for the adoption of electric vans

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The large-scale diffusion of low-emission vehicles is required to increase the sustainability of the transport system. Statistics show strong and continued growth in the sales of electric and other low-emission vehicles in the passenger car market. The light commercial vehicles market, however, has thus far been a different story. A barrier to widespread adoption seems to be …

Charging e-mobility: predict and prepare!

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Entering into the world of electric mobility, we have to prepare for a local public-charging infrastructure for e-mobility. Over the past five years, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) – researchers, teachers, and students, together with municipalities, research institutes and companies – have gathered and analyzed the charging data of public-charging infrastructure in the Netherlands.