Oslo is going ‘car free’ making room for city logistics

The Oslo Car-free Livability Programme is all about giving the streets back to people. Over the last couple of years, Olso has tested various solutions and initiatives whilst working with more long-term plans for Oslo city center. They have removed about 750 municipal street parking spaces to give pedestrians and cyclists better conditions in the streets, with more seating and more green areas in the city center.

In the near future, driving a car in Oslo city center will become less attractive. At the same time, city logistics must function and accessibility to all properties by road needs to be maintained. Goods must be delivered, maintenance must be carried out and the city needs to improve how it facilitates for people with disabilities. Therefore, many of the reclaimed parking spaces have been made available for goods deliveries, tradesmen working in the city and the disabled.

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 08.21.19

Source: City of Oslo

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