Vision Zero: London is making it’s streets safer

Major cities around the world are taking a stand to end the toll of deaths and injury seen on their roads and transport networks by committing to Vision Zero. London is at the forefront of this approach and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets out the goal that, by 2041, all deaths and serious injuries will be eliminated from London’s transport network.

It is neither inevitable nor acceptable that anyone should be killed or seriously injured when traveling in London. When you leave our homes each day, you should feel safe and confident about the journey ahead.

While work continues to make the London wider transport network even safer, the Vision Zero action plan focuses on the areas where the greatest challenges lie — London’s streets. It will demonstrate to everyone who uses the London streets the commitment of the Mayor, TfL, London boroughs, the police and other partners to taking bold action and putting the Vision Zero ambition at the heart of everything they do.

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Part of the program is the Direct Vision Standard reducing the risk posed by the most dangerous vehicles by introducing a world-leading Bus Safety Standard across London’s entire bus fleet and a new ‘Direct Vision Standard‘ for Heavy Goods Vehicles.

Source: TfL

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