Construction logistics optimization: this is how it’s done

Construction is a necessity to create attractive and sustainable cities. However, the transport of goods and personnel to construction sites disturbs residents, businesses and road users. The CIVIC project is focused on how can we mitigate the negative impact through dialog, logistics optimization and smart governance?

This new video explains the application of construction logistics optimization in CIVIC. Logistics optimization is based on planning, consolidation and cooperation. In CIVIC, innovative concepts are developed and implemented. The movie shows some examples of cooperation and coordination which support decision makers in improving construction activities.

The CIVIC project develops models and guidelines for stakeholder dialogue, logistics optimization and smart governance that supports practitioners in the construction sector as well as authorities.

Save the date: the final conference of CIVIC will be in Gothenburg on 19 June, organised jointly with DenCity. The theme of the day: From vision, through construction, to transport solutions for future dense cities. Click here for more information.

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