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Research: the effects of a water-bound construction consolidation center on off-site transport performance

The environmental impact of construction logistics is significant in urban areas, characterized by high receptor densities, less accessible sites, and limited storage space. To reduce negative externalities generated by urban construction transport and improve the use of existing inland waterway transport (IWT) infrastructure, the City of Brussels has implemented a water-bound Construction Consolidation Centre (BCCC). …

Green construction logistics: a multi-actor challenge

Construction transport has a severe environmental impact. Address the environmental problems requires that the complexity of construction, including the many different actors and their goals, is captured. A paper by Anna Fredriksson and Maria Huge-Brodin aims to propose a new conceptual model for construction logistics systems to advance the transition to more environmentally friendly construction …

Obstacles prevent waterborne city logistics, but opportunities exist

Construction traffic, garbage, and other deliveries could be run on water in Swedish large cities. But market mechanisms, regulations, technology, problems with quays and old habits stand in the way. This is shown by a pre-study carried out within the Swedish Transport Administration’s industry program Sustainable Shipping, which Lighthouse runs. “The threshold is high for …

Learning from, or repeating, past mistakes in urban construction logistics?

The construction industry is reluctant to utilize construction logistics centers (CLC). Mats Janne and Anna Fredriksson’s study focused on understanding the drivers and challenges of CLC utilization. There is a difference between drivers and challenges for implementing and utilizing CLCs, often implemented to reduce third-party disturbances. CLCs can reduce environmental impact and third-party disturbances. However, …

London presents: the construction playbook

The Construction Playbook (by Transport for London) sets out key policies and guidance for how public works projects and programs are assessed, procured, and delivered. The Construction Playbook captures commercial best practices and specific sector reforms outlining the government’s expectations of how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other.

Research: methodologies for impact assessment of on-site and off-site construction logistics

Urban construction projects are essential in reducing the housing deficit of the latest urbanization trend. As such, construction projects contribute to more attractive, sustainable, and economically viable urban areas once they are finished. However, construction work and construction material flow activities cause severe negative impacts on the surrounding community during the construction process.

Designing a construction logistics control tower for city development

Construction logistics account for 35% of urban freight traffic and emissions in cities. With the growth in construction projects and the plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, better coordination of construction logistics for city development is necessary. TUDelft student Tom Tesselaar wrote his thesis about designing a construction logistics control tower for city development.