Frevue project launches initiative to prove demand for electric freight vehicles

Urban freight operators have been asked to back a campaign to boost OEMs confidence in electric freight vehicles demand. Limited availability and high prices of electric commercial vehicles are knowns barriers to operators looking to electrify their fleets. However, according to research from the Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (Frevue) project, many OEMs do not believe there is sufficient demand for electric freight vehicles.

The Frevue team made a Declaration of Intent for Electric Freight campaign and is urging operators working in city logistics to support it. The aim is to persuade OEMs to start or scale-up development and production of fully electric or hybrid freight vehicles, as well as build the case for financial incentives while they remain dearer than diesel counterparts.

From a freight operator perspective, Frevue said supporting the initiative will help a business communicate externally that it is committed to sustainable transport. It may also identify joint procurement opportunities with other local firms interested in electric freight vehicles.

Source: Freight in the City

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