Ghent (B) using canals for construction logistics

The supply and removal of materials for the construction of new school buildings in the historic heart of Ghent (B) is carried out over water. This project along the Henleykaai is part of Ghent’s aim to limit freight traffic in the city center.

The province of East Flanders, the city of Ghent, GentLevert, de Vlaamse Waterweg and contractor Furnibo have joined forces for this. The works must be completed in the spring of 2019. The very short construction time limits the nuisance for the neighborhood. The choice was mainly made for high quality prefab materials, such as exposed concrete.

ghent henleykaai

GentLevert was established in March 2017 as a city distribution platform. It stimulates innovative concepts for delivering and collecting goods in the city center, such as construction logistics via waterways.
At the same time GhentLevert is launching a call for for water-bound urban freight of building materials. A specific aspects of this call is that for the development of navigation vessels and tools to offer or facilitate water-based urban construction logistics.

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