Mechelen (B) is running a pilot testing smart locker systems

With the establishment of limited traffic areas, delivery time windows, low emission zones, development of pedestrian shopping areas and the evolution of e-commerce, the logistics sector faces new challenges. There is a need to test and implement new methods for pick-up and delivery of goods. Micro-consolidation represents a solution to deliver goods in a more efficient and effective way. Lockers systems are examples of smart consolidation.

Within the scope of the participation in the NOVELOG project, the city of Mechelen is running a pilot testing smart locker systems. Thus, the workshop will focus on this topic: the potential and opportunities of micro-consolidation centres, and the role of smart lockers in efficient and sustainable logistics.

The NOVELOG Mechelen Workshop is organised back-to-back with the NOVELOG Case Studies Workshop (11 October, 14:00-17:00) and the workshop #EURegionsWeek 2017 – Regions & cities as agents of change for sustainable UFT (11 October, 11:15-13:00).

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