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Optimizing the changing locations of mobile parcel lockers

To reduce congestion, environmental damage, and negative health impact in large urban areas plenty of novel concepts for last-mile distribution have been innovated in recent years. The concept treated in this paper is mobile parcel lockers that are able to change their locations during the day, either autonomously or moved by a human driver.

Research: public transport-based crowdshipping for city logistics

A new paper aims at evaluating the environmental and economic impacts of a crowdshipping platform in cities. The study refers to the city of Rome and considers crowdshipping based on the use of the mass transit network of the city, where crowdshippers pick-up/drop-off goods in automated parcel lockers located either inside the transit stations or in their …

The rise of the five-minute shopping trip

Micro-shopping trips, defined as trips that take less than five minutes, are becoming increasingly common thanks to grocery services that let customers order online and pick up in-store. The increase is attributed to lockers, where shoppers can pick up preordered items. Bryan Pearson reports about it in Forbes.

Mechelen (B) is running a pilot testing smart locker systems

With the establishment of limited traffic areas, delivery time windows, low emission zones, development of pedestrian shopping areas and the evolution of e-commerce, the logistics sector faces new challenges. There is a need to test and implement new methods for pick-up and delivery of goods. Micro-consolidation represents a solution to deliver goods in a more …