Smart vertical transport in construction

For the construction of high-rise buildings, there is a challenge of organizing large amounts of building materials and resources to and from the construction site and effectively planning for transporting the materials and resources vertically as the building gets taller.

The patented Brunkeberg® System adds vertical rails to the exterior facade of a building, providing a turnkey method for faster, safer panel installation and material handling on construction sites. The vertical rails enable the safe installation of double-size panorama windows, automated cleaning, and upgrades.

The Brunkeberg System makes facade installation faster and safer and frees up building site resources such as ground space and lifting resources, reduces trash and debris, and eliminates interior storage requirements for exterior panels. The Brunkeberg System can reduce the entire project construction sequence program/schedule by several months.

In a study performed by Simon Istgren and Gustav Sedvallson as a master thesis at Swedish Linköping University regarding vertical logistics, The Brunkeberg System came out approximately 25-30 percent more efficient than the base case scenario using traditional construction methods. The thesis was conducted with the Tellus Tower as the subject of comparison with a base case, Alimak case, and The Brunkeberg System.

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