University of Lyon (F): city logistics game

The University of Lyon (F) developed a city logistics game with the support of students. It is a board game representing a street in a city centre, with various activities and a specific layout (e.g. urban furniture and cycle lanes). The objective is to “build the best city” according to a score taking into account mobility, liveability and attractiveness with a strong link with city logistics.

There are two main phases repeated during four turns. The first phase is negotiation for the urban planning (were players choose for example a parks, shops, urban consolidation centers and unloading bays). The second phase looks at mobility were players have to move about in the city.


There are five players, each representing a type of urban actor. For the first negotiation phase the stakeholders are local authorities, shop owners, residents, freight carriers and public transports. For the mobility phase the stakeholders are resident, tourist, cyclist, LGV driver and HGV driver.
Each player therefore plays two roles each turn.

For more information contact Mathieu Gardrat of University of Lyon.

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