UPS testing light electric vehicles for city logistics in London

UPS is testing a depot-to-door delivery system in central London. The Low Impact City Logistics project will reduce traffic congestion and emissions associated with urban package delivery by using a power-assisted delivery trailer.

Packages will be loaded onto pay load boxes at the depot and delivered by a single trailer to a central hub located within a busy urban area. The boxes are distributed from the hub via power-assisted trailers. The packages are then delivered to homes and businesses by bicycle or on foot.

The pay load boxes are moved by electric assisted trailers which feature patented net-neutral technology, which means the weight of the parcels – up to 200 kilograms – isn’t felt by the handler. This allows for increased last mile deliveries in a sustainable manner.

The trial will feature bike trailers making deliveries in and around Camden during November and December.

Watch the video in this link.

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