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City of London: zero emission city logistics in 2030

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The City of London will introduce a Zero Emission Zone ‘within the next Mayoral term’ to ensure 90% of vehicles entering the Square Mile are zero-emission by 2030. The measure is part of the City’s draft transport strategy, which sets a target of reducing motorized traffic by 25% by 2030, and by 50% by 2044 and …

New freight action plan for London launched

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A plan to work with boroughs, businesses and the freight and servicing industry aims to transform how deliveries are made in London. A part of the Freight and Servicing Action plan, which was presented by the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL), includes offering more click and collect points at Underground stations.

London research: how can delivery management systems support construction logistics?

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The use of delivery management systems (DMS) for construction logistics in London has grown considerably in recent years, and are now viewed as essential tools to address an increasingly complex and regulated construction environment. The emergence of DMS, therefore, is closely linked with this evolving compliance landscape. Research by Transport for London provided valuable insights …