Antwerp Summer School on Urban Logistics 2020 goes digital

The Antwerp Summer School on Urban Logistics offers an intensive immersion into the world of urban logistics. It will be hosted fully online and digital. It applies a reduced tariff. The summer school starts with an introductory module covering all aspects of urban logistics (17-21 August 2020).

This is completed with an optional assignment elaboration week (24-28 August 2020) focusing on innovation and sustainability in urban logistics in all its facets.
Interested? Join the third TransportNET Urban Logistics Summer School, from 17-21 August, in Antwerp or online. Presentations will be given by practitioners as well as academics, with ensuing discussions by all participants.

The summer school is instrumental to all planning and managing the urban logistics in urban areas under a dynamic, sustainable context. The course deals with economic, technological, planning, policy-making, environmental, and IT/data issues. The course allows collecting 3 ECTS. Next to content exchange on the topic of urban logistics, the purpose is also to make participants from various international backgrounds exchange ideas and views.

Program and registration can be found on the Summer School website.

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