ALICE-POLIS Webinar on May 23: Collaborative Urban Logistics

You are invited to join the 2nd Webinar of ALICE-POLIS webinar series on urban freight on May 23: 14:00-15:00. This webinar is dedicated to Collaborative Urban Logistics including collaborative transport and logistics hubs for last-mile delivery.

You can join the webinar via: However, you are encouraged to register for the event: please register.

Draft agenda:

  • Story from Antwerp, Belgium; the 1st Collaborative Urban Logistics and Transport (CULT) in Antwerp was launched in March this year (link); this webinar invites platform operators and business representatives to share their experiences:
    • Alex Van Breedam, CEO of TRI-VIZOR
    • Kris de Scheppers, BPOST
    • Hans Schurmans, Proximus
  • Story from Madrid, Spain; the LEAD project consortium has been working with local logistics and hub operators to facilitate sustainable last-mile delivery (link); EIT Urban Mobility recently launched a call for proposals for Factory on logistics hub (link); let’s hear their work:
    • A representative from EMT Madrid on the Lead Project (TBC)
    • A representative from local logistics operators FM Logistics & CITYlogin (TBC)
    • Arthur Boetti, EIT Urban Mobility

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