Carrier cooperation: a case study in a Seville marketplace

In recent years, a social phenomenon is emerging cooperation in city logistics. A new research paper by Jesús Muñuzuri, Alejandro Escudero-Santana, and Pablo Aparicio Ruiz is aimed at evaluating the circumstances under which transport cooperation is possible between different stakeholders operating in the same geographical area. The research was conducted in a marketplace situated in the center of Seville (Spain).

In the case of the Feria Marketplace, the efficiency and reliability of deliveries, as well as the availability of parking space is a concern for both carriers and receivers. The narrow streets in the area, the access time windows and the delivery frequencies imposed by supply chain considerations are the main transport-related worries for stakeholder groups. A priori, cooperative deliveries in a fresh food market have a high potential, due to the existence of common providers in wholesale markets and the similarity of working times.

The first survey was designed to know the characteristics of the retailers and their preferences with respect to cooperation and regulations. A relational analysis between retailer features and their willingness to cooperate was carried out. After analyzing the motivations for non-cooperation, a mixed proposal was designed and surveyed.

Although the research was limited to a marketplace, the relevant data gathered from this research highlights some implications:

  • the importance of personal relations in retailer cooperation;
  • a high volume of freight  and the use of vans as on-street warehouses appear as significant motivations for non-cooperation;
  • forcing changes in the status quo encourages cooperation.

In conclusion, although collaboration has a high potential as a logistics solution for the center of the city, its start-up in a fresh food marketplace requires flexibility on the part of all stakeholders and the clear involvement of the local administration.

Source: Muñuzuri, J., Escudero Santana, A., & Aparicio Ruiz, P. (2018). Under which conditions is carrier cooperation possible? A case study in a Seville marketplace. Transport, 33 (4), 881-889.

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