CIDAUT uses artificial intelligence to monitor use of parking spaces

CIDAUT, in collaboration with the Valladolid City Council, is implementing various initiatives to enhance urban transportation, making it smarter and more sustainable. Among these initiatives, which encompass connectivity solutions and the decarbonization of mobility, researchers would like to introduce one focused on monitoring vehicles utilizing designated charge and discharge parking slots, particularly intended for last-mile applications.

The proposed solution relies on artificial intelligence technology. The parking activities will be recorded, ensuring the anonymization of user data, and the software developed by CIDAUT will differentiate between passenger cars, small vans, medium vans, and trucks. The algorithm has been designed to assess the appropriate utilization of public space while also measuring the average parking duration based on the vehicle type. The objective is to optimize the utilization of urban space to enhance last-mile solutions for citizens.

This innovative approach will provide valuable insights into a better understanding of the occupancy levels of these public spaces and simultaneously offer useful information for defining and locating such parking slots in accordance with the city’s requirements.

The research leading to these advancements is supported by funding from Horizon Europe as part of the URBANE Project.

Source: CIDAUT

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