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Digital smart zones help manage crowded urban streets

Exploding demand for curb space in urban areas has inspired new technologies like ‘digital smart zones’ that help cities manage those narrow but increasingly valuable tracts of real estate. Allowing delivery trucks to automatically reserve the precise chunk of concrete they need (two minutes from now or for the next two hours) helps keep traffic …

Research: do commercial vehicles cruise for parking?

Urban curb-space is a scarce resource that must satisfy the concurrent needs of an increasing number of users, including passenger, commercial, ride-hailing, and public transit vehicles. In particular, there is an increasing demand for curb-space for commercial vehicles to park, load/unload, and deliver goods as more people live in urban areas, order more things online, …

Cabs and curb allocation: can we learn lessons for city logistics?

The University of Washington Urban Freight Lab released the results of a pilot study on Curb Allocation Change supporting easier and less disruptive passenger pick-ups and drop-offs by cabs. The study tested the traffic impacts of providing more passenger load zones paired with in-app geofencing technology that guided drivers and riders to designated load/unload locations.