Good practices in urban construction logistics

The SUCCESS project presented a new report demonstrating the potential of the solutions developed by SUCCESS to be replicated and transferred afterwards. It consolidates 22 good practices observed mainly in European countries and USA to improve knowledge and understanding of the construction supply chain and logistics. 

The report targets construction companies, local authorities and academics with the intent of promoting practices that can improve the supply chain management and logistics in the construction sector. For this reason, the deliverable is structured after this section as a ready-to-print document. Best practices include relevant information to understand at a glance the purpose, benefits and main characteristics of the proposed practices. Criteria should help the decision makers select the most appropriate best practice(s) that fit their own needs.

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The best practices are structured by areas of interest (clusters). At the end of the document, tables provide another reading of the best practices and identify theirs links with the construction logistics processes, the categories of benefits and the type of decision makers.

Read the full report here.

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