Investigating the potential for off-hour deliveries in Rome

Italian researchers investigated the potential for off-hour deliveries (OHD) in the city of Rome (Italy). the study focused on amongst others retailers and HoReCa that play a fundamental role in the decision making process often determining delivery times. The study explored their preferences for three off-hour delivery scenario’s, namely: staffed OHDs (assisted), OHDs without staff present in the receiving establishment (unassisted) and delivery to an urban consolidation center at night and final consignment to retailers during regular business hours the next day (UCC&OHD).

The study inquired the willingness to adopt them, both with and without the provision of dedicated incentives to stimulate off-hour deliveries.The researchers analysed retailers’ reactions to a hypothetical scenario where a mandatory off-hour delivery policy is imposed. The overall results show a good inclination towards off-hour deliveries. Approximately 60% of receivers are willing to adopt OHDs.
This induces optimism with respect to their potential introduction as well as skepticism about the lack of attention local decision makers have, so far, paid to this policy option.
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Marcucci, E., & Gatta, V. (2017). Investigating the potential for off-hour deliveries in the city of Rome: Retailers’ perceptions and stated reactions. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice.

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