ITSLOG: smart use of unloading zones in city logistics

The project will determine whether available loading and unloading zones can be related to the actual position and the estimated time of arrival of trucks on the loading and unloading zone, at the store or home address.

In addition, on the basis of these data, and real time traffic data, unified buffer and rerouting instructions are generated which will be processed by onboard computer systems and can be communicated to the drivers. The effects of real-time rerouting and buffering trucks are analyzed on the basis of real time information about the traffic and the availability of loading and unloading zones. This functionality is of important value for improving urban mobility.

Who benefits from ITSLOG?

Several parties will benefits from the outcome of the ITSLOG-project: carriers and shippers can reduce fuel costs and transport costs, make better schedules, optimize use of their fleet, the capacity of loading zones gets more reliable and transport companies can increase the speed and reliability of deliveries.

Receivers of deliveries will get better information about arrival times of trucks and have less traffic around their stores improving safety and reducing congestion. Local government can make better use of existing infrastructure and improve their local traffic control by using available data.

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