On-demand food delivery: a literature review

Due to its success and the significant complexities behind it, the on-demand food delivery (ODFD) business has been gaining the interest of academics. ODFD is the delivery of freshly prepared meals from restaurants to customers enabled by online platforms. The purpose of a paper by Seghezzi et. al. is twofold: first, to review the extant academic literature on ODFD services second, to propose directions for future research in this field.

The authorsreview highlights that the perspectives of the various actors involved should be integrated, moving towards an ecosystem-based view, future research should focus more on restaurant operations and their role in ODFD systems, and despite they have been investigated by several academic contributions, human resource management, and logistics of ODFD systems still present room for future research in the areas of intervention/regulation, distribution networks and batching.

Source: Seghezzi, Arianna & Winkenbach, Matthias & Mangiaracina, Riccardo. (2021). On-demand food delivery: a systematic literature review. The International Journal of Logistics Management. 10.1108/IJLM-03-2020-0150. 

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