Papers of International City Logistics 2019 conference now available

The publication of Transportation Research Procedia contains the proceedings of the eleventh International Conference on City Logistics 2019 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Urban freight transport has become an important issue in city planning. There are many challenges and problems relating to increasing levels of traffic congestion, environmental impacts, safety and security issues, and energy conservation.  

To address these complicated and difficult problems, numerous city logistics schemes have been proposed and implemented in several cities, including joint delivery systems with urban consolidation centers, advanced information systems, public freight terminals, off-hour delivery, freight demand management, time windows, access control to the city center, road pricing and load factor and parking regulations.

City logistics schemes are relatively new concepts that are aimed at increasing the efficiency of urban freight transport systems as well as reducing traffic congestion and energy consumption and impacts on the environment and safety. Subsequently, new modeling, evaluation and planning techniques are required to conduct in-depth investigations before city logistics schemes can be effectively deployed. The proceedings include recent developments in the modeling, evaluating, and planning of city  logistics schemes.

Since city logistics schemes have already been implemented in several cities, a review of the performance of these schemes was presented and discussed. As well, a description of emerging techniques for increasing practical applications of city logistics models and reducing social and environmental impacts of urban freight transport is presented. Several papers describe the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) that play a vital role in collecting data and providing platforms for managing urban freight transport.

New dimensions of freight transport platforms using the Internet of Things or Physical Internet are also discussed in the proceedings. A number of papers in the proceedings focus on public-private partnerships amongst stakeholders that are important for promoting city logistics. Economic analyses using cost-benefit analyses relating to urban distribution in an e-commerce environment are discussed.
Case studies that address frameworks for managing urban freight transport including legal, organizational, and financial aspects are presented. Decision support systems are also important tools for making appropriate decisions based on appropriate data and scientific analyses with papers covering new areas of city logistics such as big data analyses using AI.

The Proceedings were edited by Eiichi Taniguchi and Russell G. Thompson.

You can find the proceedings here.

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