Research: environmental sustainability of the last mile in omnichannel retail

Heleen Buldeo Rai loves sustainable online shopping; she wrote her Ph.D. thesis about it in 2019. In her thesis, she takes the reader by the hand along the ‘customer journey.’ Of course, we already know that we don’t have to be ashamed of ordering online. But, it can be much more sustainable with less impact on congestion, road safety, and the environment.

Based on the literature review, lots of facts about online delivery, and speaking initiatives from home and abroad, the thesis shows the opportunities to make the delivery process more sustainable, both for consumers, omnichannel retailers, and logistics companies.

Based on scientific research, Heleen describes in her thesis ‘Environmental sustainability of the last mile in omnichannel retail‘ the delivery process of online purchases, its evolution in the previous decade, and which technology-driven innovations await us; from electric vehicles and cargo bikes to drones and delivery robots, robotization in new fulfillment centers and packaging. Heleen also discusses the need for collaboration and sharing of information in her thesis.

The thesis is highly recommended for students and peers; readable, informative and inspiring.

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