Research: simulation for the integration of cargo bikes in city logistics

The use of cargo bikes for goods deliveries is a promising concept of urban logistics. In this paper by Hofmann et. al. (2017), a simulation-based assessment tool integrating this cargo bikes in urban distribution systems is presented. First, typical schemes are identified and an analysis of the underlying planning problems is conducted. Second, the developed GIS-based discrete-event simulation model and the coupled tour-planning algorithm are described, implementing the pattern of control optimization. Such a tool is not yet existing. Finally, the tool is applied, evaluating the potential use of cargo bikes for B2B-deliveries in the medium size city of Grenoble in France.


Applied to the case study, the tool revealed the potentials inherent in a two-level multimodal logistics scheme for B2B goods deliveries in Grenoble city using cargo bikes for the last mile deliveries. Even though it is obvious that aiming at a fully consolidated and cargo bike-based last-mile delivery may not be realistic, the case study shows the existing potentials to be exploited by a consequently oriented policy.


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