Research: the role of the receiver in public procurement

Research by Newcastle University was focused on the ‘receiver’ end of the supply chain that has, in recent years, emerged as a novel area of investigation by European urban freight researchers. A new paper explores the importance of procurement policy and mechanisms in a higher education establishment in order to drive a sustainable approach to inbound logistics.

There is little known of the purchasing behaviour at individual level within such organisations. A localised city logistics Delivery Service Plan, within a ‘coherent campus strategy’ for an academic campus was established at Newcastle University, located at the centre of a medium size British city.

zunder public procurement

The role of the logistics receiver

The key contribution of this paper is demonstration of the important role of the logistics receiver can make in delivering sustainable city logistics. This is especially true for large organisation with multi-sited and multi-level management (central versus local) that require multi-type of logistics in a city-centred bound historic built environment University. This paper shed light on identifying the key determinants of freight demand at University that can be managed and act as catalyst for accommodating urban freight in city planning.


Read the paper here:

Exploring the relationship between urban freight demand and the purchasing behaviour of a University

PT Aditjandra, TH Zunder – European Transport Research Review, 2018

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