Waterborne city logistics. Is it feasible?

Studying the local conditions for cities with canal infrastructure can contribute to a serious, potential, sustainable solution to deliver the last mile by electric vessels, which is beneficial to many stakeholders. A paper by van Duin et. al. explores whether a system of hub locations distributing goods across the water to the city of Amsterdam can be a future solution to guarantee same‐day delivery to shopkeepers.
A waterborne city logistics concept with a small number of hub locations in Amsterdam can compete with truck deliverance and seems to be a sustainable solution for other cities with large canals as well.

For a good overview of European projects on waterborne city logistics, check out this report by Jandl.

Source: van Duin, J. H. R., Kortmann, L. J., & van de Kamp, M. (2018). Toward Sustainable Urban Distribution Using City Canals: The Case of Amsterdam. City Logistics 1: New Opportunities and Challenges, 65-83.

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