Research: analysis of solutions for sustainable urban construction logistics

Implementation of construction projects is a determinant of the development of modern cities. However, this entails transport for supply purposes, significantly affecting the volume of freight transport in cities. Such a large share translates into a growing interest in more sustainable ways of organizing and providing construction-related transportation.

A new paper presents research to build a model for implementing good practices in construction logistics. The study analyzes the transport of construction supplies in terms of compliance with the principles of sustainable development on the example of construction projects currently implemented in Szczecin. Furthermore, the paper is centered around collecting good practices in construction transport.

The goal was achieved using statistical data analysis, non-structured observation, surveys regarding construction projects being carried out in Szczecin (Poland), and interviews with experts. As a result, identifying irregularities and gaps in knowledge of sustainable urban freight transport for implementing construction supplies was possible. Therefore, the diagnosed current condition may be a significant source of problems in the future and indicates the need for further research and action by city authorities and enterprises to implement measures for sustainable urban freight transport.

Source: Osypchuk O, Iwan S. Analysis of Selected Solutions for Sustainable Urban Deliveries in the Construction Industry. Sustainability. 2023; 15(4):3567.

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