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Scaling Picnic e-commerce IT-systems in Covid-19 times

As an online groceries company, Picnic saw an enormous increase in demand during the start of the Corona crisis. Picnic’s systems suddenly experienced traffic peaks of up to 10 to 20 times the pre-Corona peak traffic. Even though they build their systems for scalability, surges like these exposed unknown challenges. In the Picnic blog, Picnic’s Sander Mak …

The data gap: what we still don’t know about urban freight

Urban freight makes up an increasing percentage of transport operations and emissions, but there is no common methodology to capture the data we need to optimize deliveries for sustainable cities. Urban freight operations are run by a complex network of private and public sector actors. Often, the most comprehensive data available lies with the private sector, …

Webinar: gaining insights from urban freight data

Last week a webinar focused on US and European research efforts to gain deeper insights from urban freight data, with a particular focus on how freight data has supported the development of urban freight plans and other technical documents, stakeholder engagement, and infrastructure investments.

City logistics in Amsterdam’s Oude Pijp district

At the request of Connekt, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, EVO and LeanCargo Consultancy conducted research into deliveries in the Oude Pijp from April to August 2016. The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam District South both collaborated in the project. The purpose of the research was to map the characteristics of the different delivery …

Data on urban freight in London (UK)

University of Westminster in December 2016 published a report on road freight in London (UK): “traffic, activity and sustainability”. This report has been produced as part of a research project entitled “Freight Traffic Control 2050 (FTC2050): Transforming the energy demands of last-mile urban freight through collaborative logistics”.