City logistics in Amsterdam’s Oude Pijp district

At the request of Connekt, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, EVO and LeanCargo Consultancy conducted research into deliveries in the Oude Pijp from April to August 2016. The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam District South both collaborated in the project. The purpose of the research was to map the characteristics of the different delivery flows in the busy Oude Pijp

The Oude Pijp is an area with more than 1,000 businesses and 15,000 residents and a high volume of loading and unloading traffic. What goods do businesses receive weekly? And who makes the deliveries, and how? These questions were central to the research.

For the research, information was collected from businesses in the Oude Pijp and from suppliers, waste collectors, and logistics services companies.

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They were asked about the frequency of deliveries in the area under investigation, and about the characteristics of transportation, such as the type of vehicle and timing. In all 145 businesses participated in this research, by answering questions and sharing company information. The research focused to a much more limited degree, or not at all, on consumers, public institutions, and construction logistics.

You can find the full research paper here.

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