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Towards profitable growth in e-grocery retailing: the role of store and household density

Despite the continued growth of e-grocery sales, few companies make any profits in this retail segment. Increasing market shares and associated drop densities may make profitable operations possible. Higher delivery fees seem essential to profitability. Yet such higher fees may put e-groceries at a disadvantage compared to the traditional store channel, which remains highly competitive. …

E-commerce is shifting how European grocery retailers seek profitable growth

Reaching profitability in online grocery continues to be a challenge for retailers. Compared to store-based business models, even leading e-grocery players have been struggling to be profitable, particularly while trying to expand. The ongoing need for investments in operational infrastructure, technology, and so on that are required to keep increasing capacity and staying competitive makes …

Designing a new last-mile delivery vehicle for Picnic

Picnic is an online supermarket currently operational in the Netherlands and Germany. Groceries are ordered from an app and delivered to the consumers using a light electric last-mile delivery vehicle. This vehicle is currently used for densely populated residential adreas and works well enough to support the current number of Picnic deliveries.

Is online grocery shopping better for the planet?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claims grocery delivery cuts carbon emissions by 43% compared to traditional shopping. Grist did a fact-check. Grist spoke with experts. They said that on average, ordering online often reduces the carbon footprint of grocery shopping. The word average is key. This finding doesn’t scale down to the individual level neatly, and the way …

Coronacrisis: collaboration is needed in ‘out of home’ and ‘at home’ food deliveries

Dutch cartel watchdog Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) will, due to the corona crisis, monitor competition in the Netherlands less strictly. ACM director Martijn Snoep explains: “For example, supermarkets want to know if they can keep each other informed. We are faced with those kinds of questions”. This offers opportunities for groundbreaking cooperation in …

Dutch Picnic: Milkman 2.0

The milk float, a home-delivery service that evolved from horse-drawn carriages to early electric vehicles, belongs firmly in the past. Or does it? Amsterdam-based e-groceries company Picnic had revived the milkman concept, but with a modern flourish. Bloomberg reports about it.

HelloFresh: leaner and centralized last-mile delivery management

At a conference in Brussels, Thomas Stroo, the head of logistics at delivery startup HelloFresh, highlighted the company’s success in creating a lean and centralized supply chain that can be micro-controlled from the farmer to the consumer’s kitchen. HelloFresh delivers over 80 million meals each month. In the Benelux region, HelloFresh runs 600 refrigerated delivery vans.