SEEV4-City key reports available

The objective of the Smart, clean Energy and Electric Vehicles (EVs) for the City (SEEV4-City) project is to demonstrate smart electric mobility solutions, integrating renewable-energy sources, and encouraging take-up in cities. The SEEV4-City project key reports are available. Head to the publications page for the latest reports.

The policy recommendations were developed based on experiences and lessons from the SEEV4-City project. The project is funded by the EU’s Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) Programme, aimed to demonstrate integrated electric mobility solutions with renewable energy in a local and central electricity grid decarbonization context, and encourage their uptake at local, national, and transnational levels.

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The policy recommendations were developed in consultation with relevant public and private stakeholders, including those involved in the six operational pilots across four countries implementing combinations of Smart Charging and V2X technology at different scales and levels.

SEEV4-City identified the need for a policy framework that combines largely disconnected planning and policy domains, processes and tools across energy, climate change mitigation, and transport/mobility. The SEEV4-City partners include the Operational Pilot’s local and regional public authorities, universities, and non-for-profit consultancy organizations as well as Europe-wide networks in electromobility and representative of cities and regions implementing innovative transport solutions. These partners worked through the current status of planning framework/guidance and plans to identify progress made already and still needed at different levels for the effective integration of the domains of mobility, energy, and climate change mitigation.

Head to the publications page for the latest reports.


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