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Review: turning a spotlight on governance for sustainable urban construction logistics

Construction logistics is a large share of the urban freight network and a bottleneck for an efficient construction process. Especially in the urban area, professionalization of its management may reduce negative environmental impacts for stakeholders like construction companies, policymakers, and residents. In a new review paper, a two-step methodological approach was pursued to shed light …

Designing a construction logistics control tower for city development

Construction logistics account for 35% of urban freight traffic and emissions in cities. With the growth in construction projects and the plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, better coordination of construction logistics for city development is necessary. TUDelft student Tom Tesselaar wrote his thesis about designing a construction logistics control tower for city development.

Governance models for sustainable urban construction logistics: barriers for collaboration

Urban construction logistics has a big impact on cities. A paper by researchers from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences looks at governance strategies for realizing more sustainable urban construction logistics. Practitioners have stressed the fragmented nature of the construction industry and the lack of collaboration in construction logistics as issues.