Research: construction logistics governance in urban development projects

Although a construction logistics solution is necessary for dealing with the demands in many large urban development projects, there is a lack of research on governance mechanisms for construction logistics solutions. The purpose of a new paper by Mats Janné and Anna Fredriksson is to analyze the initiation and utilization of a construction logistics centre (CLC) from different stakeholders’ perspectives.
The paper suggests governance mechanisms for strategic, tactical and operational levels and to develop guidelines for implementing these governance mechanisms. There is potential for utilizing CLCs in development projects, with positive effects such as consolidation effects and enhanced planning. What is evident, however, is that the design and implementation of the CLCs must be based on comprehensive stakeholder analysis, as there are conflicting goals between stakeholders.
Governance mechanisms, including flexibility in the main contractors’ working construction process, as well as clearly stated roles, responsibilities, and communication must be developed to enhance this potential.

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The conflicting goals of CLCs are identified and discussed, and the results show the need for further multi-stakeholder analysis of construction logistics solutions. The experiences from the studied case are developed into practical guidelines to be used in the design of construction logistics solutions in development projects.


Janné, M., & Fredriksson, A. (2019). Construction logistics governing guidelines in urban development projects. Construction Innovation, 19(1), 89-109.

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