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Research: the TCO of hydrogen vehicles in urban logistics – diesel and BEV still win

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Freight transport accounts for 8 to 15% of total traffic flow in urban areas within the European Union. The majority of these deliveries are undertaken by diesel-powered vehicles with disproportionate levels of CO2, NOx, and particulate matter emissions. Accordingly, a variety of strategic options have been advanced as key solutions for addressing fossil fuel demand …

Research: identifying key motives for the adoption of electric vans

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The large-scale diffusion of low-emission vehicles is required to increase the sustainability of the transport system. Statistics show strong and continued growth in the sales of electric and other low-emission vehicles in the passenger car market. The light commercial vehicles market, however, has thus far been a different story. A barrier to widespread adoption seems to be …

Voltia introduces EVXpert for evaluating electric LCV’s


Voltia wants help companies switch to e-mobility. EVXpert centralizes the best available information to enable decision makers to discover, analyze, and compare light commercial electric vehicles available on today’s market and choose the one that’s right for your operations. Check it out here. Unfortunately light electric vehicles are not yet seen as an option.

Dutch research on the use of light commercial vehicles

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The light commercial vehicle, or delivery van, is the workhorse of both companies and the self-employed in the Dutch economy. And with good reason: it is a multifunctional and flexible mode of transport and compared to (smaller) trucks and cars it is also cheap to buy and use. Moreover, a ‘lighter’ drivers license B is sufficient to …