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Designing a new last-mile delivery vehicle for Picnic

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Picnic is an online supermarket currently operational in the Netherlands and Germany. Groceries are ordered from an app and delivered to the consumers using a light electric last-mile delivery vehicle. This vehicle is currently used for densely populated residential adreas and works well enough to support the current number of Picnic deliveries.

Picnic: using data-driven driver coach for road safety


Michiel Muller of Dutch e-groceries company Picnic tackles traffic safety firmly. And, with results. In an interview with MONO-zakelijk he says: ‘In our view, safety starts with exact measurement and knowledge: having the right data. If you want to deliver efficiently, you have to work efficiently. So you need to know exactly how such a …

Picnic plays it cool: a data-driven cold chain for e-groceries

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Delivering fresh groceries to customers is a challenge, even more so in the summer months when ice cream needs to remain perfectly frozen and the outside temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius. To succeed in this challenge, Dutch e-groceries company Picnic has numerous operational processes in place. On their blog, Picnic Engineer Floris Boekema shares how they …

Computational logistics at Dutch Picnic

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Online supermarket Picnic is revolutionizing the online food shopping sector in the Netherlands and beyond. They are celebrating their fifth year in business. Picnic delivers e-groceries to thousands of customers every day. To do so both efficiently and effectively, the Picnic’s distribution system needs to be as smooth as possible. 

Scaling Picnic e-commerce IT-systems in Covid-19 times

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As an online groceries company, Picnic saw an enormous increase in demand during the start of the Corona crisis. Picnic’s systems suddenly experienced traffic peaks of up to 10 to 20 times the pre-Corona peak traffic. Even though they build their systems for scalability, surges like these exposed unknown challenges. In the Picnic blog, Picnic’s Sander Mak …

Dutch Picnic: Milkman 2.0

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The milk float, a home-delivery service that evolved from horse-drawn carriages to early electric vehicles, belongs firmly in the past. Or does it? Amsterdam-based e-groceries company Picnic had revived the milkman concept, but with a modern flourish. Bloomberg reports about it.