Dutch Picnic raised € 250 million in a new investment round

Dutch e-groceries company Picnic raised € 250 million in a new investment round. The company is going to build a high-tech robotized full-filing center in Utrecht (NL), with a floor area of 40,000 square meters. With this step, Picnic is taking a new step in further growth. 150,000 orders can be processed on a weekly basis.

The high-tech robotized full-filing center is located in Utrecht and will eventually offer work to a thousand people. Picnic develops the software for the center entirely by itself. A large part of the 250 million raised is spent on this. The intention is that this technique can later also be used in Germany.

A team of robotics specialists at Picnic has worked for years on the technology, which also uses proprietary software based on artificial intelligence. According to Picnic, smart technology allows employees to work more efficiently and ergonomically. The center of its kind is one of the largest in the world and includes, among other things, 100 fully automated sorting, packing, and distribution machines, specially developed by Picnic.

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