Varamis Rail launches zero-emission freight service in London

Varamis Rail has unveiled its innovative zero-emission freight service to revolutionize urban logistics. This service utilizes high-speed electric trains to transport goods directly into the heart of London. Compared to existing urban logistics options, this new service promises faster, more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable deliveries.

The company marked the launch with an event at London’s Liverpool Street station on March 13, highlighting the significance of zero-emission logistics and the unique advantage of rail transportation in urban areas. Industry leaders from the rail and logistics sectors gathered to learn about efficient intercity service for small freight and discuss rail’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability benefits.

During the event, companies offering sustainable end-to-end delivery solutions showcased their electric vans, e-cargo bikes, and innovations in refrigerated transportation for small perishable goods. Speaking at the event, Phil Read, Managing Director of Varamis Rail, emphasized the company’s commitment to promoting the sustainable benefits of rail transportation for the logistics sector and the broader economy. He highlighted the potential of repurposed fully-electric former passenger trains to move high-volume goods into central London more sustainably.

Read emphasized the urgency of adopting carbon-free initiatives like Varamis Rail’s service to meet the UK government’s net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Varamis Rail is described as the UK’s first high-speed rail logistics company, offering fast, zero-emission end-to-end logistics services. In September 2022, the company received a ‘First of a Kind’ grant from Innovate UK to support its endeavors in express rail freight. The funding provided by the Department for Transport allowed Varamis Rail to develop its rail operations and attract new customers to rail transportation, especially those who were previously unfamiliar with its potential.

Since then, Varamis Rail has been operating high-speed freight services between the Midlands and Scotland and aims to promote its new zero-emission freight service into central London. This service offers a groundbreaking approach to logistics by facilitating goods distribution via electric trains directly into the heart of the city.

Source: Varamis

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