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Dutch Trens presents new city logistics vehicle


The Trens Solar Train provides comfortable passenger transport in historic city centers, on boulevards, or on routes to park-and-ride (P+R) facilities on the outskirts of inner cities, on the premises of nature and event parks and Business Centres. Passengers and pedestrians are instantly aware of the environmental-friendly character of the Trens Solar Train.

Amsterdam (NL) hub for deliveries to universities

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The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam have a total of 80 college buildings in Amsterdam, all of these buildings need to be supplied with goods almost daily. The educational institutes joined forces with Deudekom and PostNL and created a logistics hub just outside of Amsterdam.

CityDepot (bpost) to close more city hubs in Belgium


City logistics service provider CityDepot (part of Bpost) stops the activities in Bruges (B) last summer. Almost three years after the start, it turned out that there was too little volume to make the hub profitable. After just over two years, it turned out that there was not enough potential and that local retailers did not …