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Pedestrians are reclaiming our cities

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In more and more cities pedestrians are reclaiming the city. They want clean air, healthy neighbourhoods safety, less noise and most of all: a space to enjoy! The next years urban planners will work on walkable cities. This will have a big impact on the design of cities and residential areas and the way companies …

EU guidelines on urban logistics policy making

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In the past two years, Ecorys supported the European Commission via the  ‘Study on urban mobility – Preparation of EU guidelines on urban logistics’. This study was led by a consortium formed by Ecorys, University of Antwerp, University of Lisbon, and Prof. Laetitia Dablanc.

London: guidelines for a safer construction logistics


An initiative aimed at reducing collisions involving vulnerable road users and construction vehicles has been released by the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) project. CLOCS, an industry-led project sponsored by Transport for London (TfL) to reduce injuries and deaths due to work-related road risk, has developed the CLOCS Standard for construction logistics for managing work …

San Francisco to restrict goods delivery robots

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San Francisco officials have voted to restrict where delivery robots can go in the city. Companies have begun trialling small robots that can deliver food and other goods. Start-ups will have to get permits to use such bots, which will be restricted to less crowded urban areas. Opponents are concerned about the safety of pedestrians, …